me! me! me!

Emilie, not her real name, is a high school student at an undisclosed location in the United States. She enjoys writing, reading, and computer-chair activism and debate (LGBT rights, abortion, religion, etc.) . She hopes to go into anthropology/ archeology (maybe sociology) when she graduates from high school, because she is a huge history nerd.

hooray for the soft sciences!

She is also a huge fan of anime and manga, though she does not watch/ read nearly as frequently as she thinks she should. She does, however, share her bed with ANBU Kakashi and Allen Walker.

She isn’t really picky about music, and will listen to anything with good lyrics (and classical) though she tends to gravitate more towards rock. She also has been known to indulge in the occassional Jeffree Star song, if that tells you anything about her. 

If you wanted to label her, the following would be acceptable:
-middle class
agnostic (though how spiritual she is depends on the day)  

She also hopes that you enjoy her blog, and engage in healthy, friendly debate in the comments.


She also hopes that your forgive her for making you lose The Game.

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